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I see the fandoms of tumblr like a family.

  • Doctor Who:

    The parent fandom, always there to comfort the other fandom and on rare occasions break down themselves, but all in all is the one that keeps the other fandoms from ripping each other apart.

  • Supernatural:

    The Sarcastic sad teenager, always crying and upset, but always seems happy to make a sarcastic comeback, and it always seems to have one.

  • Sherlock:

    The recovering drug addict uncle, they were high for a few years and then things went downhill, they've been trying to recover and have taken to being recluse and dont like outsiders, but the second they even get a hint of another way to get high they relapse all over again.

  • Marvel:

    The super bouncy super cute child, always happy about upcoming things, not dead inside, but can through a huge temper tantrum about things they don't like.

  • Harry Potter:

    The grandfather fandom, the one that seems like it's been around for as long as time itself, you know one day you'll turn into it, and its always there if you need advice.

  • Homestuck:

    The terrible life teenager, you look at them and go "Meh, it can be THAT bad, look how happy they are when they get an update" but then you look deeper into that their past and wonder how most of them are still alive

  • Nightvale:

    The completely insane druggie aunt, lives in the mountains, always muttering about government conspiracies and always seems to be high on some weird glowing cloud.

  • Lord of the rings/hobbit:

    The cousin that you never hear from unless its in passing at the dinner table, and you don't even remember them most of the time until its a family event and they're all people talk about.

  • Vlogbrothers:

    One of the family members who isn't sad all the time, always happy and cheerful and smiling, but then one major thing happens and they all just break (*cough*TFIOS movie*Cough*)

  • Hunger games:

    In simplest terms the survivalist uncle who always carries a gun with them, always seems to be drunk and always crying about death and worrying about bombs.

  • Merlin:

    The dead pet, once it was happy, fun, and full of life, but then one day it just died and no one knows what happened.

  • Hannibal:

    Just suddenly got adopted, no one knows when they planed on coming into the family, all the fandoms were confused when it first came in, but now we just accept it, but if you're not best friends with them, they kind of freak you out.

  • (Sorry if I offended anyone, I was just saying what I felt, I'm in all these fandoms, why would I want to offend myself? )




"And now, dear listeners: the news. Local man Will Graham – you know, the one who didn’t kill all those people – has reported the presence of a strange antlered being lurking by the forbidden dog park. When asked to describe the creature, Mr Graham became somewhat distressed, shaking and clutching at his beloved dog, Winston. Despite questioning numerous other bystanders, nobody else in town seems to be bothered by it.
Well, these things will happen if you trespass in the dog park, Mr Graham.”

I am a huge fan of Night Vale crossovers, so here’s my contribution. I think the weird goings on in Hannibal would be right at home in our favourite friendly desert community.

"Listeners, lately local sinks have been overflowing with blood, all thanks to our favorite dog-hoarder, Mr. Graham. Indeed, several neighbors report that in his presence their sinks become virtual fountains of gore. If you’ll recall last week, dear listeners, I mentioned that of late our little town has been suffering from a blood-shortage. So kind of you to solve that for us, Mr. Graham! We ALMOST forgive you for the dog-park incident!"

"An update on our main story: at the request of his psychiatrist (who considers the whole matter ‘unspeakably rude’), Mr Graham has apologised for all the disruption he’s caused today. I for one find it hard to stay mad at someone with such perfect hair."


Anonymous asked:

(1/2) I know you already answered an ask about Will's “Didn't I?” response to Hannibal, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts or conjectures on how Will feels about Hannibal? Why didn't Will reciprocate in the way Hannibal wanted him to? As someone who has also been isolated by his uniqueness, isn't it natural and just in human nature for Will to crave a connection – to be understood?


(2/2) I know Myer Brigg’s personality types aren’t absolute, but Will is an INFJ, and INFJs usually have a deep desire to be understood. And I’ve often heard that Abigail was the only major factors keeping Will from joining Hannibal. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Will’s only attempts to reject Hannibal are variations of “you hurt/wronged me” and “what you do is wrong/evil.”

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting someone to pose a question from the angle of, essentially, Don’t you think Hannibal’s persuasion should have been enough? So kudos to you for making me stretch myself. Will is always harder to write about than Hannibal is.

Okay, so before I get into this, you should know that I think that the MBTI is pretty unreliable, that it’s especially problematic when applied to fictional characters, and even if I didn’t think those things, I don’t agree with the most recent set of pictures that’s been making the rounds that has typed the main characters. That said, I don’t have a particular problem with typing Will as INFJ as I have had with typing Hannibal as INTJ.

But we can’t say, “Here are Will’s characteristics, which make him INFJ; INFJ’s are motivated by X, therefore Will must be motivated by X.” This is an error in logic. We have to look to Will’s dialogue and behavior in the show itself in order to understand why he does the things he does.

We also have to be careful to understand that statement about Abigail to be what it is: a statement about Abigail, and Will’s relationship to and feelings for her. It’s not a statement about Hannibal. To quote myself from the other day,

It’s not that Will had to be ready to give up everything for Hannibal, but I just can’t see him saying, “Oh…Abigail. Yeah, take her. I’m staying here, but I trust you implicitly with her care, Hannibal” or “Oh…Abigail, yeah, I’ll just turn her into the FBI and she’ll be A-okay. Look how well they treated me!” (x)

If Hannibal and Will were playing a game, a living Abigail Hobbs was a card that would trump anything in Will’s hand. But Will managed to make Hannibal forget that he had been playing a game; Hannibal wanted it to be real, and when it wasn’t, he didn’t choose to play his trump card. He tore up his hand and had a full-on tantrum. He had gone all-in, with his entire life, before he got a glimpse of a living Freddie Lounds in Will’s back pocket (that cheater!). 

Those things aside, you said, “I feel like Will’s only attempts to reject Hannibal are variations of ‘you hurt/wronged me’ and ‘what you do is wrong/evil,’” as if these two reasons aren’t or shouldn’t be enough to override Will’s own need for understanding and love. I think this is probably a fairly unusual way of looking at the situation, but I’m going to go ahead and weigh each of these items—Will’s need for understanding and love, the measure of his hurt at how much Hannibal wronged him, and his opinion of Hannibal’s evil—against each other in order to discuss why the scales tipped the way they did. 

(Or didn’t tip—let’s keep in mind that we didn’t really get a firm commitment from Will at the end of the season. He stuck to his entrapment plan, but at the last minute he also called to get Hannibal out of it, and we’ve never really had confirmation about what he was thinking when he did that, what he hoped to do after arriving at the house to either save or fail to save Jack, or what he was thinking when he finally saw Abigail.)

Personally, I think “you hurt/wronged me” was important, but probably not enough to keep Will from aligning himself with Hannibal, but “what you do is wrong/evil” was always more than enough. 

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just realised that Hannibal loves Will like Cecil loves Carlos O_O aND SUDDENLY


(perfect nightvale irony they picked the dude with the foreign accent only nightvalers can understand)





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